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RESTORED PERFECTION:   D & A Corvette offers you a second chance to own a classic Corvette of your dreams.   For example, if you wanted a 1967 Corvette back in 1967 but it was not possible at the time, you now have a chance.   Our facility offers you the opportunity to purchase a classic Corvette just like you would have bought it off the showroom floor.   We'll also restore the Corvette you already own.  All Corvettes restored at D & A Corvette are a total frame off restoration.

Concept-Overall   ENGINES:   All engines are totally rebuilt. All cars have the correct blocks and matching codes to entire car.   Each engine is built to original or customer's specifications.
Concept-Overall   CHASSIS:   The chassis is totally rebuilt.   After disassembly to a bare frame, a special jig is used to check for alignment and repairs are done if needed.   Frames are sandblasted and painted with two coats of enamel paint to a new finish.   Front suspension parts are replaced and rebuilt using new springs, bearings, ball joints, etc.   Rear suspension parts are repalced and rebuilt using new bearings, seals, etc.  All transmissions and rear differentials are completely rebuilt to OEM standards.  Chassis's get stainless steel brakes (where applicable) and original shifters.
Concept-Overall   INTERIORS:   Interiors of cars are completely disassembled.   All chrome components are re-plated or replaced if necessary.   All gauges, the tach, speedometer, and radio, are restored.   The steering column is disassembled, sandblasted, and repaired as reassembled.   All vinyl or leather interiors are replaced, as well as the dash, door panels, carpets, seals, etc.   All convertible and hardtops are disassembled and rebuilt to original specifications.
Concept-Overall   BODIES:   All bodies are removed from the chassis and placed on a jig.   First the body is stripped, removing all old finishes.   Repairs to the body are made as necessary.   Any damaged panels are replaced and hand-fitted.   The body is then turned upside down and thoroughly cleaned.   Upon completion of body work, the body is gel coated and block sanded to remove all ripples and imperfections.   The body is then sprayed with a primer and sanded to a finish surface, it is now ready for painting.
Concept-Overall   TRIM COMPONENTS:   All component parts, inside doors, cowl, tops, and deck lid are restored or replaced as necessary.   All stainless moldings are buffed and chrome components are re-plated to their original condition.
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